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Yes, sugar… An unavoidable ingredient in today’s food, in today’s taste, in today’s needs.

We all crave sugar (more or less). I have had sweet tooth since birth, although my mother was not the kind of person who would give us chocolate, sweets, lollipops or soft-drinks during our childhood. Only on special occasions. But somehow i was always craving for sweets (and still am!)

Last week i started a NON-SWEET journey. That meant no dessert, no chocolate, no cakes or muffins, no candies, no sweetened cereals and so on.. (i don’t use sugar in my tea or coffee). And for the first time in a year i succeeded in holding back (my kids are giving me smiley face for every day that goes by without sweets!) for 7 consecutive days. The amount of time that you have to say no is amazing in one day, and if i hadn’t said no, well i would have eaten them all.

People seem to a bit surprised when you start a journey like this; some are amazed, some are not really getting the point, and some would just change the conversation and then offer you a piece of cake!

3 thoughts on “sugar

  1. YAY! Wish I wanted to try that…lol…I really dont want to be without my tea with sugar, my beloved liqurice and all my other totally necessary treats.
    I do admire you for being able to do so! Keep up the spirit and remember that you are in control! You are the boss of you! You go girl! 🙂

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