step 16 to happ(y)ness

“Life is like a box of chocolate…

You never know what you’re gonna get…”

Remember Tom Hanks sitting on a bench with a box of chocolate? He was right…

Some of us are born with golden cards on our hands, others have 2 jokers, and others have only low numbered cards. We do not chose where we are born, which country, what religion, which family. We grow up with a mix of genes in our blood, some of them fabulous (like great legs or a photographic mind!), other less fabulous (big nose or lousy memory!).. am joking here, but seriously, isn’t it many things in life about luck and the set of cards you are born with?

Later on in life, you learn to deal with your flaws, you develop your skills and talents, you grow, you mature.. Life gives you blows here and there. You toughen up… some of us succeed what ever we put our mind to. Others try very hard and don’t always succeed. But they somehow find resources to try again…

Life can be unfair… and unlucky circumstances can just make it all very hard.

So, the lesson of today is to open that box of chocolate; appreciate the good ones, make them linger…give away the bad ones…hope for better taste, for better chocolate, but keep trying!!! Never loose hope…Keep believing in something better, something lighter, something happier…

{image from pinterest}

Happy Easter everyone!

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