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The world of blogs is indeed a world of its own. Everyday I stumble across few jewels, and sharing them with you is probably a good thing, no?

Today you will be able to visit blogs starting with A (a more creative way of indexing the blogs i like), some are in french, others in english, danish or even arabic (bear with me, it is worth it!).

A photo randomly picked from each blog with give you a taste of it. Hopefully this will be of inspiration for you!


artwork by Pete Goldlust, {Ajoure}

Ajoure is a blog about hand work, creative art, showing everything made by clever hands…the inspiration is endless…

um-kalthoum, by sehnaoui {art of the mideast}

Art of mideast is a great blog about artists in the Middle East. Such a collection is rare to find, and it is a delight to see the renaissance of “arabic” art…

3 dips by {anissa helou}

Anissa Helou is a food writer and cookery teacher, born in Beirut but living in London. She shares her passion for food with great recipes, stories and lovely photographs of food.

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