LIVE SIMPLY; Organising Shoes

super creative shoe storage {image from pinterest}

who wouldn’t love this staircase? definitely an idea for my next mansion!

a whole shoe cupboard {image from pinterest)

I would love this option, but don’t have the space at all!!

funky, no? {image from pinterest}

Interesting option, but need door space or walk-in-closet!

best option for small space, typical ikea furniture

Thank God for Ikea, they always find smart ways of organising our homes and keeping it sleek and pretty!

love this one!

This option looks funky and organised! Great for kids shoes, tennis shoes, sandals…

clear boxes with a photo of the shoe; clever!

and this is for those who forget what shoes they have!!! 🙂

Would be interesting to know how many pairs of shoes we all have hidden in our cupboards?…10? 30? more?

Next post about Live simply will be about glass jars…