step 17 to happ(y)ness

luna park by citymall, beirut

Last Thursday, my husband proposed to take the kids to the local Luna Park. It was 6 pm, i was tired and didn’t really feel like driving through traffic to end up in a loud place where people find it amusing to scream and to venture into flying carpets, crazy Russian mountains and catapulting! Everybody insisted and I succumbed to their nagging. Off we went, it took less time to arrive to our destination and funnily enough the place was nearly empty. We had the whole park to ourselves… colored lights were blinking and loud techno music was roaring in the background, but our children’s eyes were lit like candles on a Christmas tree..

Our daughter chose a sweet elephant ride, which I shared with her. The ride was slightly nauseating, as the merry-go-around was turning endlessly! But I managed to get off it and to the next item, which were the bumper cars. And how fun was that! Despite having to hold my daughter in one arm (no seat-belts!) and driving with the other, I really started to enjoy myself and was not ready to get off when our turn was up! Letting go of our limits is really fun!!!

Last ride made me feel 20 again! My son and I went up into a semi-sized roller coaster. I had barely lowered the security bar when full blown music started and the train was propelled forward at a monstrous speed. My knuckle went white as I was grasping the bar so tight not to fly off, and the screaming I heard was mine mixed with Geo’s…the ride was speedy, bumpy, crazy, but fun!

This leads me to step 17 of happ(y)ness:

Do something you used to do 20 years ago; it will make you feel a bit off beat, shaken, but will make you feel alive, alert, free of fear and if you are lucky quite happy with yourself!

It can be anything, from skateboarding, to scuba diving, to skying, to bungee jumping, to hiking in the wild, to dancing all night, to singing karaoke, to riding horses, to running a mini marathon, to traveling alone, to camping, to playing tennis, to just doing something that you forgot you liked doing many years ago…

I felt happy and detached for a moment and I am actually looking forward to our next little adventure…

sweet merry-go-round!


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