LIVE SIMPLY: recycling glass jars

I don’t know why glass jars are so special to me…I like their transparency, i like the glass material, i like that you can fill them with anything, and colours will emerge. They are so useful in a pantry (mine is filled with re-used Nescafe jars). They are lovely as candle holders hanging from branches. They can be used a million times, until they brake…

Here is an interesting collection of pictures for you to enjoy and get inspired…

stunning effect, {image from pinterest}

pretty, painted jars {image from appartmenttherapy}

perfect for balconies or gardens {image from pinterest}

have a cold drink {image from pinterest}

have your own herbs garden, {image from poppytalk}

how creative! {image from bedifferentactnormal}

easy to find a colour! {image from songbirdinnest}

tea anyone? {image from 100layercake}

definitely my next project! {image from tatertotsandjello}

Et voila!! aren’t these ideas just adorable?

7 thoughts on “LIVE SIMPLY: recycling glass jars

  1. Maintenant j’ai compris lol!! Well im not surprised, we do think alike cara…I have to try the ones hanging for the balcony one day πŸ™‚

  2. I love the idea with the glass jar as picture frames …so funny!
    Definately gonna try that!
    I use my favorite marmalade jars from Denmark with strawberrymarmelade stickers still on as penciljars i my kitchen, both for me and the kids…looks fab with all their coloured creons and erasers.
    Looks nostalgic and yummy at the same time.
    Would love to fill a big jar with multicoloured jellybeans…dont know why I always liked that idea…lol
    Used to have big glasjars 1/3 filled with whole ungrounded coffeebeans as candleholders in my kitchen. Off course they were placed in my window sill in my kitcehn…oh how i miss my windowsills…sigh!
    …can be also be filled with beachsand and seashels instead…had 1 in my bathroom πŸ™‚
    I love jars too…also tinjars!…lol πŸ™‚

  3. oh…and my daughter has a glasjar with the lid on, filled with glass pieces found at the beach…when you fill the jar with beachwater and loads of multicoloured glass pieces, shaped and worn by the ocean and the sand, and the sunrays plays through them…its looks really magical…and its a good way to store vacationmemories and lovely to collect them at the beach together:) and off course they look best on a windowsill…lol…where the sun can shine through…

    • Mette! I need to post your jars in my blog! We need pictures! How great.. Maybe it is a danish thing to like them and use them? πŸ™‚

  4. These are beautiful, I especially like the last one! I reuse glass jars as vases, pen & pencil holders, and to collect coins. You’ve given me inspiration to try some new things πŸ™‚

  5. Beautiful! Great pictures and some lovely ideas. We normally use ours for tea lights on summer evenings (special occasions), through the garden. Looks really pretty and they stay lit better if there’s a breeze.

    Didn’t think of doing anything else!

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