step 18 to happ(y)ness

{image from dearinspirationblog}

So far, people around me have been genuinely nice, sweet, helpful, good listener, funny, crazy, loving, caring… but somewhere along the line i will meet a person who will make me feel bad about myself, who will try to diminish me, who will dislike, and therefore might want to hurt me in some stupid way. These people might not show their true colours at first, but if they do, my advice is to AVOID them, to forget about them , to ignore them, to just live without them.

It is not always easy. Sometimes this person is your boss, or your sibling, or your relative, or someone else really close to you…the bottom line is: People do not change unless they REALLY want to, unless they make a trumendous effort and work every day very hard in changing. That means they will continue to fill your life with misery, until…the day you decide these people do not matter anymore.

Surrounding ourselves with genuinely good people is a must to be happy, stay happy and share happy moments. Find those people, stick to them and avoid the rest!

Have a great Monday everyone!


6 thoughts on “step 18 to happ(y)ness

  1. Yes i do believe that, i lived with someone like this for 18 years! Until the day i decided to be happy :)…Thank you for reminding me of the best decision i took in my life!!

  2. as they say: You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.
    You, however, my dear have your own free will and if water is avaliable, you can choose to drink:)
    I wish you all they best and lots of good vibes!

  3. Good for you Rym !!! We all deserve to be happy! 🙂 I wish you all the best!
    Leila, I strongly belive in the principle of autonomy.
    I like they way we are all responsible of our own individuality, yet must have respect for other peoples right to freedom and autonomy.
    Nobody has the right to make others feel bad or to hurt them!
    It goes both ways:)

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