Live simply: BOOKS & their display…

Books are my love…

A book is like a person, it unfolds its story bit by bit, page by page.

Characters become alive letter by letter.

Reading is like taking a journey in somebody’s elses mind.

Many of us cherish these books and cannot part with them.

So I found some funky, inspiring and traditional ways for keeping, shelving, displaying those dear books.

Hope you will get inspired!

books & stairs, {image from appartmenttherapy}

more stairs display {image from designspongeonline}

use the space above {image from brides}

use the space below {image from ginger-ella}

baskets are better for magazines than books {image from pinterest}

great wall display {image from freshome}

the famous and funky book worm by Ron Arad

artful bookcase by sean yoo opus

my farourite display found at cafe Laundromat in Copenhagen

so, did you enjoy this post? 🙂 have a great wednesday!

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