See: Beirut waterfront 7.30 am

My morning walks by the coasts of Beirut are just great. Sometimes I walk with friends and other times alone, like this morning with music as my companion (switching between light FM and NRG), and linking The sophisticated St Georges beach resort at Ein  El Mreisseh with The “rustic” Sporting resort at Raoucheh.  25 minutes of brisk walking from one end to the other (and then back again!). Two beach resorts, two different crowds, two opposite experiences, separated by 25 minutes of walking.  St Georges is pretty, with grass lawn, wooden deck, a collection of funky shaped swimming pools, white mattrasses and a view of the biggest and most sophisticated yachts of Beirut. Sporting on the other hand has not changed its decor since 1975 (i think!) and gives you a very rustic feel of the Lebanese sea. Concrete, old bathrooms, small fishing boats attached to old ropes, people that have been coming to this place for the last 25 years and greeting one another like one big family.

I just adore when my city offers so different experiences so few meters apart. It is eclectic, crazy, disturbing sometimes but refreshing in a way. I like both sides and actually used both resorts. In between these two places lies what I would call the icing of beaches, “Rivera”. Not a place for me, as I do not have 5 beautiful swimwear to change with, nor do i have the perfect tan, nor the perfect body to fit and relax in that place!

back to my morning walk, here are some gorgeous pictures of the view. Tides were low, so the sea was a mix of dark blue and pistacio green. See for your self.

Beirut Corniche, fishermen
view towards Ein el Mreisseh, greens & blues
a swimmer...
fishing boats...
stunning colours...
have a seat on these one of a kind ceramic benches...
name of the artist behind the bench...

I will display photos of my next walk at Ramlet el Baida (sandy public beach) next week!

Have a great thursday!


6 thoughts on “See: Beirut waterfront 7.30 am

  1. Looove the pictures:) so pretty!
    Walking by the ocean is a favorite thing of mine too…a dose of distance to the hectic everyday life with trafic and noise. I prefer Ramlet el Beida in the mornings…its so quiet there, you forget you are in Beirut, you can also get splashes of seawater on your bare feet ! Gotta love that!

  2. Thanks for the pictures – they are lovely. I want to come all the way over there so I can sit on that bench!

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