BEIRUT/ have: concrete / need: green space

1 m2 of green grass per citizen today...tomorrow? 1cm2?

Beirut Green project is about making people realise how pathetically little green space exists for the lebanese citizens today, and how to start dreaming, wishing, working for a greener Beirut.

This photo was taken yesterday at Sanayeh Gardens in Central Beirut, during the Green your Culture Event set-up by Indyact association. The two lovely girls are sitting on 1m2 patch green grass, promoting for a greener Beirut.

Make the grey green they say.

They are scheduling an event on June 4 (a Saturday, so people bring your families & friends and make them aware of this event).They will be staging an intervention, transforming a Grey space into a Green one!

For more information, go to their blog , their facebook page,  or share their event with your friends.

I think this is a noble cause that we all should support!

Enjoy your Sunday, where ever you are…

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