Make: Strawberry Ice-cream!

Strawberries {healthefreedom}

Growing up, we used to spend all our summers in Denmark at the country house of my grand-mother. Summers in that house brings me memory of strawberry picking, working in the vegetable garden, picking green beans, green peas, onions…a cold beer to give us energy, home-baked bread, living outdoors most of the day, the sound of the black bell calling us to food and drinks…Lovely times…and this brings me to this colourful ice-cream, that tastes as good as it looks, pink and fresh…and it is easy to make (without ice-cream machine!)…



350 g strawberries
Juice of 1 orange and 1 lemon
175 g sugar
40 cl cold liquid cream
how to make

Mix strawberries with a hand blender or a mixer, then filter the mix (through a sieve), it is a bit time consuming but worthwhile!
Add the juices and the sugar
Pour into a metal bowl (if you have, or else a plastic one). Let it rest in the fridge for 2 hours.
After 2h, beat the cream and then add it to the strawberry mix. Mix well.
Re-place in the freezer for 1h, then mix again. and refreeze. The strawberry will be ready after another hour in the freezer.

Take out the ice-cream at least 20 minutes before eating it!

delicious! {tinnedtomatoes}

3 thoughts on “Make: Strawberry Ice-cream!

  1. I tasted this delicious ice cream at a dinner party at Leila’s and I’ve got one comment: Heaven:)


    1. thank you Val for your support!!!! i really like this ice-cream too…am going to make it this weekend!! hope all is well at your end! 🙂

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