Beirut recycling: Bouchons roulants

my kids emptying our "plastic caps" collection...nice feeling

Bouchons roulants is a wonderful project; aiming at collecting as many plastic caps as possible, and swapping them with a wheel chair for a child.

1 ton of plastic bottle caps → 500 000 caps → 1 Wheelchair → 1 smile .

All plastic caps are accepted. Just collect them in a bag and deliver them at Arcenciel centers in Jisr el Basha, Rue John Kennedy, Sin el Fil, Beyrouth.Tel: +961-1-495561. Check them on facebook.

Or do like me: take them with you when there is a bigger event like Green your culture (last week in Sanayeh gardens), or probably at the next Garden show festival and drop them in their respective plexi-glass container.

Remember to wash the caps before donating them!!!

Good plastic hunting! you will make a child smile!


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