LIVE SIMPLY: photo displays

Who doesn’t have a box filled with old photos? and drawers, and albums… and when do we ever look at them? except if we need to make something out of them, like a collage I did for my dad’s 70 year old birthday? it was fun to go through the old photographs, but i must admit I find it sad to put them back in their box, and hide them for the next X years…

my family…

That is why i am on the pursuit of funky and alternative photo displays. Here is my favourite selection;

how cool is that? {image from martahstewart}

lovely {image from chrisfaves}

that is what i want to do; change the pictures every month

blow up your favourite photos and create a wall display {image from pinterest}

perfect idea for my 7 meters long hallway {the savy photograper}

wish i could find this postcard holder {oprah}

Any other ideas? please share…


3 thoughts on “LIVE SIMPLY: photo displays

  1. Big picture frames, of the kind where you can easily change the content, with a few clicks.
    That way your treasured pictures is safe and visible at the same time. Change them once a month.
    Did that with the kids drawing at one point, when we were swimming in masterpieces, and they participated in choosing which masterpieces was gonna be displayed this month, and the deal was that the others had to go. bare in mind, we were litteraly drowning in them, and they were all SO cute and special! Got the big frame from IKEA back then. maybe you could find them here too? or buy a postcardholder in Denmark this summer and display all your summermemories 🙂

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