Beirut gourmet: La duree

the remains of the day...

My daughter & I were strolling at ABC mall when we bumped into the newly installed mint green booth for the famous french patisserie maker of Macaroons La Duree.  Looking at the display was like watching a scene of Alice in wonderland or from any romantic fairy tale. Macaroons in ten Luscious colours, ranging from the strong raspberry pink to the screaming pistachio green to the very comforting chocolate brown.

We picked one each (they cost 3.500 lbp, or 2.5 usd), i chose salty caramel and Sara chose chocolate. I cannot describe the feeling when i took my first bite; it was heaven, bliss, sweet, cold, crunchy, soft. I have never tasted something like this before. I had never imagined that it would be that good!

I promised myself to taste all the flavours, but bit by bit, maybe one a week! My weekly treat!

Enjoy the colours and please try them if you have the opportunity… you will not regret it!

{la tartine gourmande}
{La Duree collection}

so, which one is your favourite flavour???


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