Colour RED

fabulous! {image from pinterest}

who doesn't love strawberries? {healthfreedom}

little fisherman's house in south of Denmark

autumn colours are so gorgeous {paperbowlsnlemons}

i just adore red haired girls! {piccsy}

love {weheartit}

my wedding gift from my sweetest danish friends

sparkles {daily dose of imagery}

I have many favourite colours, turquoise, pink, plum .

But RED has always been part of my identity, whether i use it for my clothes, shoes, bags or to colour some of my walls or doors! Yes, my entrance door is red on the inside. At first it was painted a strong orangy-red, then i got cold feet and felt it a bit too domineering and since my husband was not part of the decision making for the colour of the front door, i decided to go for a more subtle shade. Today I love my burgundy red door…


On Christmas I use red twinkle lights! I know it sounds kitsch, but you have to see it to like it!

And we got a raspberry red sofa this year!! it gives such a cosy atmosphere to our home…

The red wall was also part of our new home; a dark burgundy wall. One wall really gives a huge effect, and i didn’t get  tired of it yet!


What about you? Do you like the colour RED?

Do you wear red?

Do you have a red car? or a red sparkly tiara? or just red flowers?


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