step 23 to happ(y)ness

I think the world would be a better place if we stop worrying for few moments and start breathing, relaxing a bit and having more faith.

Some of my days or nights are filled with worries. I worry about my kids, about their health, their friends, their encounter with adults, the future i can give them in a country that is constantly politically unstable and where the word war is becoming redundant. I can worry for hours about diseases, about what might happen to anyone around me. There was a time where car crashes were my obsession, every day i would worry about my car being hit or even accidentally hitting someone. Thank God this obsession is fading away ( i try to swap the horrible pictures in my head with a picture of a garden filled with daisies!, It works believe it or not. I call it mind swapping!! or maybe brain washing!!).

Bottom line is: we spend precious hours worrying about stuff that may never occur, and when the s…hits the fan, well, we are not prepared and we have to deal with the Now anyway.

It is important to remember that Worrying does not make the Bad go away. You won’t be more prepared when the Bad happens.



are you the worrying type?




2 thoughts on “step 23 to happ(y)ness

  1. Yup, and I ought to quit cold turkey!
    These days my approach is more like : choose your battles 🙂
    So glad the daisies are working for you Leila 🙂

  2. yes i am a worrier, and i tend even to over worry, if such a thing exists!! But i’m trying a new thing; The past is gone, the future didn’t get here, so live the present a day at a time….

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