happy fathers’ day (3rd sunday of june for most countries)

{the father of my children}

My oldest friend once told me that fathers are as good as mothers at parenting and bringing their children up, the only difference is that they cannot breastfeed! All the rest is withing their range! so no excuses DADS, you are capable of parenting, caring, nurturing, scolding, teaching, grounding, loving, understanding, guiding, protecting, soothing, feeding…. Like all moms.

I live in Lebanon where parenting is monopolized by women. But it is slowly changing.

Everyday I pick up my kids from school. While waiting for the front gate to open, we the moms and dads stand and chat about life, about our lovelies, about the latest tantrum, the latest achievement, and to my surprise the few dads present are actually talking the same language as the moms! doctor appointments, football practice, teething, adorable moments. they are actively involved with the daily routines and details of their kids’ life. I am quite happy about this shift in roles, as i remember my own father being so busy with work and travels, and not really being part of my daily life, my ups and downs.

I respect men who take their parenting role a step further than being the sole bread winner. They can actually tell you what is the favourite dish of their child, their best friends name, the music they like, their hero and their special forces, the color of their pyjama! and women in all this? well, some of us have a difficult time acknowledging that Men are as good  a parent as they are (maybe sometimes even better?), that men are good care taker, that men can soothe a hurting child, can watch over kids in a playground, can help them take a bath and can put them back to sleep again. We women need to let them have a say, have a do in the parenting part. We need to trust them and let them do our job for a while and we will be surprised of the outcome.

So, DADS of the day; Keep up the great work, you are wonderful, still rare in my parts of the world, but I respect you and want more of you in the future!


4 thoughts on “happy fathers’ day (3rd sunday of june for most countries)

  1. Hi Lovely. A friend once told me – while watching me react to my hubby’s initiatives to handle our child – “mais laisse le faire, tu crois qu’on est pas capable”! I do not know why this sentence changed my life that day; and when je l’ai laisse faire, I suddenly had a helping hand around and some time for myself even. So yes, men by the looks of it can be as good as we are if we just let them, eh? Like they have let women into “their” business world …..lol

    1. your friend was wise! and we are still learning to let go!! but some of us might be afraid that if we let go, we loose our “main” job!!! time for identities to shift!

  2. Tres vrai , je me souviens tres bien que rarement je voyais mon pere , il etait tout le temps occupe , et le seul jour ou je le voyais etait le dimanche , peut etre il pensait que ce n’etait pas de son role de rentrer dans tous nos petits details ( comme tu le disais : sports , sorties , ami(e)s , ecole) . La seule chose qu’il surveillait c’etait nos buleltins ; je pense que les hommes ont beacoup change ces trente dernieres annees et que la raison pour laquelle ils ont change est que presque toutes les femmes de nos jours travaillent et cela mene a beaucoup de partages , de compromis etc , je t’embrasse , que Dieu te garde ton papa et Ziad bien sur. A ce soir.

    1. myrna ma relation avec mon pere etait de meme, les bulletins et les dimanches, en plus il voyageait beaucoup!. Mais je pense que les enfants sont mieux equipes lorsque les deux parents sont a la tache, et ca donne un meilleur equilibre a la famille (et a la mere!)…on est chanceuse par rapport a beaucoup d’autres femmes qui ne voient pas leur role changer d’ici peu…

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