step 24 to happ(y)ness


Do you agree that Happiness is something that we decide ourselves?

That we choose to be happy because it makes us feel ALIVE?

What is your “one-line-definition” of Happiness?

Please Share, I could use new input and inspiration…:)

5 thoughts on “step 24 to happ(y)ness

  1. Simple things are the best source of happiness in life for me .
    True friends, true feelings, simple living, smooth relationships at work and home, community work, helping others when we can gives you a great sense of accomplishment. I strongly believe in community not individualism like the states or Lebanon. Neither socialism nor capitalism. Strong community values and interoperation to make our place better. This gives you a sense of belonging, security and engagement.
    Always HAPPy to read your blog Leila ( :

    • 🙂
      you are right in your values… i wish we all could remember how great life could be if we just focus on its beauty, simplicity and the people surrounding us…keep reading…:)

  2. Hi Dear Leelou, 1 am in Toronto now, and when i think how being surrounded with simple people, who think positively and think beyond themselves has made me much happier in recent years, i must agree with your reader Gass and his values.
    Wishing you all the happiness in the world
    with love

    • ma chere! enjoy the simple life! we lack this in Beirut.. and this is what it all boils down too… many kisses…leaving in 1 week to the simple life in denmark!!

  3. Don’t be too harsh on Beirut, dear. You can have the simple life wherever you are, you make it…..and promote it, it is hard work in some places where it does not come naturally, I agree, but I have seen the same people in many countries…..c’est partout, not just in Beirut, really. It is up to us!
    Enjoy “Beirut” and bon voyage habibty and have a blast in Denmark. Stay in touch….Kisses

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