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“sara says”

Kids have a wonderful way of seeing the world, it is refreshing, pure, simple and i just love it.

Sharing my kids’ (Georges (7 years) and Sara (5 years)) sayings with you is a way of reminding you of the simplicity of life.


Sara says: what are you doing mommy?

Me: I am writing

Sara: what are you writing?

Me: it is called a blog

Sara: what is a blog?

Me: It is a place where i write about my thoughts, what i like, what inspires me

Sara: Oh, I know, it is like a secret diary but for everyone to see?

Me: hm… clever little girl…

a clever girl...


4 thoughts on ““sara says”

  1. Leelou habibty……
    how clever! miss you loads and loads, thank God for internet!!! Miles and miles away and still able to read you.
    Sending you big hug and kisses from across the Atlantic! Have a great summer.

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