Elephant parade in denmark

Being a collector of elephants, I was so happy to read on facebook that Copenhagen was hosting this year the elephant parade. Previously London and Amsterdam were the hosts. The Elephant Parade is an open air art exhibition of decorated elephant statues. Famous and upcoming artists contribute to the conservation of Asian elephants and the public awareness of their life threatening situation. In the past 100 years Asian elephant populations have plummeted from 250,000 to 25,000.
My ambition for my vacation in Denmark with the family was to grab a map and find all 103 elephants scattered in Copenhagen! Needless to say it was a huge task and we never found all of them!

But we did manage to find 30 something, took some pictures. Here is a little selection of the nicest and funniest elephants.

lovely elephants, Copenhagen 2011

I started collecting elephants when i was ten; my grand-mother from my father’s side had few in ebony that i always admired. One day she offered me one and that was the beginning of a 30 year old relationship! Today I must have 44 pieces, most of them came to me as gifts from family and friends. they are in glass, metal, wood, marble, silver, in funny colours and sometimes non-traditional shapes. The latest addition is a miniature replica of one of the elephants from the parade! My husband told me to chose one before the end of the summer vacation!

Here is the latest one:



are you a collector? if yes what do you collect and why?



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