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“Sara says”

Few days ago, my daughter Sara, now 6 years old came to my bedroom while i was organising my clothes, looked at me and asked:
sara : mammie, are you going to cry when your grand-mother Ingrid will die?
Me: (my head is spinning with answers to give, i choose the truth) off course sweety i will cry. She is my grandmother, i will miss her and i will be sad to think that i won’t see her again.
Sara: but mammie, you know that nobody on earth lives for ever!! One day you will be older and i will be a mammie just like you, and i will have children, and one day you will also die. Et la vie continue mammie!! (life goes on!)
Me: …speechless…(i gave her a hug and held her very strongly in my arms…when did she become so wise?)

Amazing to listen to little people. They look at truth in such a simple way. And they have no fear of life or death. They just live in the moment. That is all what matters…

A lesson for all of us, who forgot to just Be.

Goodnight people and sweet dreams…


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