One of the things i value most in my life (beside my family) is friendship. I adore having adorable and caring people around me. They make me laugh, they are good listeners, they are good to be with no matter mood or weather, they teach me things, they make me feel good about myself, they inspire me.

One of my oldest friend is Mette. I met her on the first day of university in Copenhagen, back in 1989 (yep, that long ago, but who is counting?!). I remember sitting beside her, on a table because they were no more chairs left. We both chose to study business administration, and to this day, i don’t really understand how we got there, because we are NOT business minded girls and will probably never be! Regardless, 22 years later, thanks to SMS, Emailing, Skype and facebook, 3800km separating us are not felt as a distance and our friendship has only blossomed and strengthened.

A month ago, she invited me over for dinner in her apartment in central Copenhagen, and asked me to pick as many apples as I could from her little cottage (that she gracefully lent us during our stay) and bring them over! We were going to make “apple chutney with chili”.

apples from the garden
old friends...
chutney in the making

We sat for hours, peeling the apples, cutting them, mixing on low fire the ingredients, chatting, preparing dinner, ate dinner and finally the chutney was ready to be put in jars. Because details are important, Mette printed labels-stickers for the jars! How lovely is that!

final product, ready to be eaten or given as gifts

Here is the recipe, I recommend it, since it is apple season, and even if apple pies are a treat, so is this chutney. It regrigirates very well and lasts for months if the lid is not opened. Apple chutney has a sweet and sour taste mixed with some chili. Delicious eaten with lamb meat or any other meat will do too!

Apple Chutney (for 1 kg apples)

1 kg, apples cut into dices

Chili (quantity depending on your likes, we used 2 small cut into thin rings)
300 g dried raisins
2-3 chopped onion
zest and juice of one lemon
20 g salt
5 slices of fresh ginger
200-300 g sugar
½ l apple vinegar
3-5 garlic cloves, pressed

Cook all ingredients except the chili until you reach a thick consistency (might take an hour or so).

Add the chili and taste. Cook few more minutes.

For best preservation; blanch in boiling water glass jars and their lid; remove the jars from the water, pour the chutney immediately into the jar, close very well. Keep in the fridge at least one week before using.

I realize that cooking marmalade, chutneys and other preserves is part of an old era. People seldom do those things today. We are all searching for quick fixes, for quick ways to cook, and yes, it is easier to buy at the grocery stores. But i wouldn’t trade for a million those hours spent chatting with a friend while the chutney was cooking slowly in the back ground…

Thank you Mette for all the good moments spent together this summer…:)


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