new horizons

a castle in evolution

Castles are magical; they are filled with stories, kings & queens, horses, cooks, fireplaces, paintings, chandeliers, heavy drapes, knights and princesses.

Frederiksborg Castle had it all. The pompous and extravagant interior, the dreamy halls and hallways, the scary & humid dongeons, the gorgeous and impressive park.

I kept imagining how people must have lived back then, with no heating, no toilets, no electricity, but nevertheless in stunning & huge rooms.

Here are some of my snapshots during our visit;

sleek and sereen entrance of Frederiksborg castle

the "back yard" of the castle!

the church of the castle

the chapel, grand and overwhelming

fabulous glass mosaics

my favourite place; a hallway filled with paintings, stunning views and pretty decoration

The original castle built in 1560 by King Frederik 2nd, was torn down by his son Christian the 4th, who disliked the style  and built in stead a renaissance-like castle. 300 years later, King Frederik the 7th moved in with his wife Louise and installed more chimneys to heat up that big cold place, which unfortunately caused a major fire destroying most of the castle!

The people of Denmark were then asked to donate to the Restoration of the castle . An important danish figure H.C. Jacobsen, the founder of Carlsberg Breweries, invested a huge sum and created the now present Museum of National History of Frederiskborg. The castle is no longer inhabited by the royal family, but is visited by thousands of delighted tourists every year.


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