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Beirut Nostalgia

One of the most interesting thing about the city of Beirut is its complex architecture. Super modern skyscrapers coinciding with beautiful 100 year old houses with their typical red tiled roofs.

I am all for keeping the old houses, of course, and my children are growing up hating every single building site in Beirut, because “trees are being cut and tall buildings are being built. Mamie why do they all want to live in the city, the mountains are so much nicer to live in!”

Here are some snapshots of few old houses, where time has stopped and memories are ankered.

blue house in Gemayzeh street

shoping in gemayzeh street

a balcony in Ashrafieh

old staircases and wrought iron

aqua building in Gemayzeh street

Leila's coffee shop in gemayzeh (love the vintage graphics)

pastel coloured buildings in Gemayzeh street

saifi village

pretty square in Saifi village

Old house beautifully restaured, Saifi Village


For more info about protection of Lebanese traditional houses, join through facebook and get connected.

One thought on “Beirut Nostalgia

  1. I looove love love this post!! Why aren’t there any comments on these great pictures here yet?? 😉 My DREAM is to buy such a house one day!
    ps I know where your last photo was taken: Next to Balima café, I took a photo of that house too! Check out one of my next posts about Balima 😉

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