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tip of the day / pumpkin seeds

Few days ago my mother asked me where she could find pumpkin seeds in Beirut. My knowledge for alternative  & organic food is not very elaborated but i remember seeing a shop in Beirut selling products that would fit her needs. The shop is  A New Earth, few meters away from the ABC store in Ashrafieh. Despite my specific directions, my parents couldn’t find the shop and happened to stumble upon a local shop in their area (Mar Elias) that sells seeds and grains.

pumpkin seeds

The raison for this sudden interest for Pumpkin seeds is related to a desperate need from my mother to lower her bad cholesterol! Few years ago, she found out that her numbers where shockingly high! A severe diet made her loose 7 kilos and lower her numbers to a more decent level. However a return to normal eating habits returned her to the obnoxious bad level. A year of fighting made her resign to the idea of using medicine to reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in her blood. The medicine worked. But alas, her body reacted badly and she started having chronic pain in her joints, muscles, and hips! A cure for a disease can bring another one…

Recently, she stumbled across an old friend, coping with the same body state, but who actually found an alternative cure; chewing a spoon of pumpkin seeds twice a day. She actually has managed to lower drastically the bad cholesterol and keeping it at a healthy level.

I am in no position to tell you if this really works, but I will update you with feedback from my mother in a few weeks! Meanwhile, read about pumpkin seeds and their benefits and research the facts…maybe someone can actually benefit from it!

Do you have any tips for lowering cholesterol in a natural and harmless way? I would like to know…


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