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Where is the most relaxing place in your world?

A question asked by Word Press.

And here is the first thing that comes to my mind; it is far from my home, it takes a plane, a bus and eventually the back of a camel to arrive to…

It is called Wadi Rum, and it is THE most relaxing place I have ever visited in my life…Life stops when you are in the middle of the desert in Jordan. The sand is almost dark red. The surroundings are calm, peaceful, quiet.. at night it is pitch dark. Only millions of stars are above your head. Being in such a place made me realise what Grand is, what beauty is, what nature is, in its purist form. God is present in such a place. It is magical and almost overwhelming.

{image from hellotravel.com}

I would like to visit that place again, with my husband and children…

Maybe you should too…




2 thoughts on “Where is the most relaxing place in your world?

  1. Hope one day we can go there with the kids too… you should also check DANA’s nature reserve, it is an amazing place…



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