photos; digital and print eras

It suddenly occurred to me that i have been taking photos with my digital camera for the last couple of years without ever printing a single shot on regular photo paper!!! My kids album stop at the age of 5 (?), my eldest is now 8!!! what happened?

I do see my pictures floating in front of my eyes each time i sit and work on my laptop, but where are the prints that used to follow and fill the neat piled albums?

I just went through 1 year of photos. Digital era is convenient in the sense that you can take as many picture as possible, no printing fees involved, but go choose the best among 976 pictures and your eyes start itching, head spinning and wow I have to start deleting pictures sooner!

And then what? well i had to ask friends for advice; online photo-book stores seem to be a hit! you upload your pics, choose themes, formats and settings and vupti, few weeks after are delivered pretty photo-books! I like this option a lot, the problem is that i need to get the book delivered in a European country (shipping to Beirut might override the costs of making the book!), then wait diligently for someone to travel and get me the books! I am impatient and want to see my photos sooner than later. So this is what i came up with:

Making collage of best pics of each event, printing them on glossy paper and binding them at the local print-shop! Nearly as great as ordering photo-books!

Following are other alternative ways of displaying favourite pics; also to consider!

{from bedifferentactnormal}

{from weddingtheknot}

{from ohdeedoh}

{from thesavvyphotographer}

{from shantu-2-chic}

{from funkedupfaces}

And my favourite:

{from elegantabode}



2 thoughts on “photos; digital and print eras

  1. I love putting photos in jars! I always stick my prints in crazy places now-a-days. They are so cheap to print out on your own printer, you might as well have fun with it. Thanks fr posting all these new ideas! LOVE IT!

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