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November’s Good moments

As promised here are the “moments” of the month;

my table, the way i like it...

A gathering at my place for breakfast, where 6 women with danish background shared fruit salad, cheese scones with cranberries, apple cake, carrot cake, blueberry smoothie, lemon cupcakes and a platter of cheese with fresh baked bread!

A feast, not to be repeated before a month (for health reasons!), but that keeps me going because these girls are so lovely to be with!

Actually this table has been set a few times this month; sunday family lunch, friday dinner “entre amis”…

My husband and I love cooking for friends, the good part of this symbioses is that we complement each other in creating the menu. I usually make soups, salads, pies and desserts. He loves creating subtle main dishes. Together we make a spicy, flavored and rich menu. For inspiration of light and easy cooking, click on FOOD and discover my recipes.

TWO other strong events have flavoured the month of November;

An election (parent committee at my kids school), where I was running with a team of 14 people,  and the launch of CARILOU gift design (my gift basket project with my cousin Rym).

great people...great team work...positive vibes

CARILOU - gift design

Both events have pushed me towards new grounds, have made me meet wonderful people, have opened up so many new opportunities. I feel completely revived after few years of living in “comfort zone”. Comfortable but oh so passive. My 5-week vacation in Denmark woke me up, filled me with renewed energy and sparkles.

Bottom Line: A November filled with action and hopefully more to come!


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