elfs, fairies & angels

Christmas has its magical charm, especially when kids are involved.

In 2 days a Christmas elf will be passing by our home with something for my two kids. The red Christmas stockings are in place. The letter of thank you is written by the 8 year old and the 6 year old. Even some mandarins are generously placed beside the stockings because the “elf will probably need some vitamins on his long tour”…

I wonder how many years of magic we still have in our home.. Soon kids will grow and will know. But i believe it has its charm. Magic is all around us if we dare to look. Growing up, our eyes become harder, our mind does not want to be deceived, we believe less in fairies, angels and elves.

our angels & fairies...

Hanging on to magic must be a priority in life.

Nature is magic.

Birth is magic.

A flower blooming is magic.

A sunset is magic.

A laughter is magic.

A hug is magic.

So, whenever you need a push in your day, think of the magic around you and listen… an angel might be listening to you…


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