Alfie the christmas elf

Once upon a time, in the far and cold countries of Greenland lived a young elf called Alfie. He was short with huge ears, had red curly hair and a constant grin on his face. His parents were hoping that he would be hired to help Santa Claus during the festive seasons. They didn’t have much faith in his capabilities, not like his elder 3 brothers, whom have now started their own ELF company. Alfie was always happy, laughing, singing. But he didn’t like hard or tedious work. He wanted to have fun, most of the time.

But December 1st was approaching and Alfie need to take a decision. He was going to spend 24 days at the center for Christmas elves, a center where he would learn 24 things about Christmas. He had the choice to stay home, alone without his siblings whom were very busy with the ELF company, or spend 24 days with other elves like him. Alfie hated being alone, especially during December. 24 days wouldn’t be so bad, and maybe he would learn a thing or two that would be fun.

If you want to follow ALFIE in his search for Christmas fun, tune in every day and discover with Alfie a thing or two about Christmas. You might find some fun too…

Christmas calendar from {}

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