{Dec. 6} Alfie and clove oranges

Day 6 at the Elf center was orange day!

The elves entered the huge kitchen and saw hundreds of oranges everywhere! What a sight! It smelled good and it looked so refreshing! Were they going to drink tons of orange juice? No…the elves were going too make clove oranges.. they were going to decorate each orange with a bunch of cloves. The combination of these two fragrances was just an amazing cocktail! It lifted any spirit that needed a push!

Here is the way to do it:

Get oranges and cloves and red ribbon.

from {homemadegiftsmadeeasy.com}

And here is one way of displaying them:

{image from pinterest}


These oranges are perfect as house decoration or small Christmas gifts!

They last for 2-3 weeks. Just in time for Christmas Eve!


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