{Dec.7} Alfie & the fairies

Alfie was raised by his parents and 3 siblings. He was the little one. He never had any chores to do. He was sometimes left alone. But he liked it that way. He would walk and listen to nature’s voices. Yes, he could talk with nature, with the birds, the animals. They whispered funny stories in his big ears. Sometimes during his walks he would venture out of the farm and their lands.  One day he reached the woods of Santa. It was not permitted to go there alone, an older elf was supposed to guide him through the woods. But Alfie was not going to ask for help this time, he was old enough, bold enough and courageous enough. So he ventured. Walked in the silent woods. At some point he listened and he could hear singing. A faint melody. Then he saw twinkling lights between the leaves. He was drawn to the light and the beautiful sounds. He was scared but he wanted to know. Slowly he approached what seemed to be a clearing. And then he saw. Thousands of fairies, dancing, singing, flying between the trees, the leaves. These were the wood fairies, they kept the music alive in the woods, they sang old and new songs, sending their notes to the people.

A beautiful blue fairy flew towards him, she pushed him gently towards the others. They all danced and sang around him, They all knew Alfie very well, they watched over him, because this is what fairies do. They watch over children, especially while sleeping. They send pretty dreams and songs and make sure they have a good night sleep.

wood fairies from {vanyvicious}

dancing fairies from {eons.com}

pretty drawings by Meredith Dillman

dancing fairies by {ioffer.com}

Suddenly, Alfie woke up. He was laying in his bed, the sun shining in through the little round window. No fairies, no trees, no music. Was it all just a dream?


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