Leelouz Table

{Dec. 10} Alfie drinks Glogg

This year, Alfie was old enough to taste the famous GLOGG (mulled wine), and that was a treat!

Glogg is best served in glasses {from fornsed.tumblr}

Glogg is warm red wine cooked with spices, savored with raisins and almond brittles.

Here is the recipe:

Get 4 bottles of red wine (an average one will do)

Boil 7odl water with 400g sugar. Let the sugar melt.

Add to the water 2 cinnamon sticks, slices of fresh ginger, 1tsp cardamom (or 5-7 cardamon pods), 1tsp cloves, peel of 1 orange and 1 lemon, vanilla pods.

Simmer for 45-60 minutes.

Get a cup of dried raisins and pour some rum or cognac over them. Leave for one hour.

Then add the wine to the sweet and spice mixture, heat on low fire.

Serve hot in glasses, add few raisins and some almonds.




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