{Dec. 13} Alfie is playing

Alfie was going to play today; or at least find amusing and good games for children to play during the holidays…The Elf Center was very modern and offered computers to elves where they created websites filled with good and entertaining games, for all ages.

Santa games was one of them. It offered coloring pages, crafts, recipes and short Christmas stories. Lots of fun for mom and her kids! Vive Noel is the same site but in French!

Primary Games also has a huge section of holiday games. Worth trying them out!

North Pole has excellent mind games for the older kids…

Pere Noel  (in french) has a playful section where kids can help Santa decorate the tree, build toys or have a stroll in Santa’s village.

And for those a bit more modern and having ipads or iphones, Jellybean Tunes is a wonderful music application, teaching kids to play Christmas tunes! And for more fun try drawing santa or play “cut the rope game“.

It is so much fun playing, don’t you think?

Alfie was too busy cutting ropes to answer!!!

"cut the rope"


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