{Dec.19} Alfie helps decorate the tree

One week before Christmas, Alfie and the rest of the elves at the Elf Center went out in the wood to pick the TREE! That was a joy… Walking through hundreds of pure green Christmas trees. Some of them were small and thin, others huge like teddy bears..

The elves were looking for a very tall one, as the Elf Center had a major main room where all the elves were going to spend Christmas Eve with their parents.

Pick a tree {bangalow5}

And the other fun part was decorating the tree. Off course every elf had his idea of how best to decorate the tree!

Here is are some ideas for your tree!

the fashionista {domesticbliss}

the trendy snow flake {trendy tree}

the red & white one {martha stewart}

the romantic {google}

the Non-tree tree! {bhg}


How is your Christmas tree decorated this year?




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