HAPPYNESS / random thoughts

{Sara asks…}


One of the most intriguing question I always get from my 6 year old daughter is : Whom do you love the most?

Milou the dog or me?

Your parents or your children?

Your dad or your mom?

Denmark or Lebanon?

Chocolate or caramel?

Beach or Mountain?

Georges or me?

Every time I try to answer those question (the tricky ones!), I hope deep inside that she stops the questioning, because who wants to say out loud whom you love the most? And can we love one child over the other? I can’t…

It is like when we were kids and friends would say you are MY BEST FRIEND… I always found this difficult, because i could never pick only ONE friend that would be the BEST friend. I liked many and in different ways.

And why the persistent need to quantify likes and loves?

So here is what I told my kids this morning on the way to school, at 7.15 am, in the car, under heavy rain!

“Listen you two, I think that LOVE is something you either DO or DON”T. It is a VERB. It is not something you do half or quarter or by cm or by weight. I cannot quantify my love to my kids nor to my parents or friends. I either LOVE them or I don’t. Very simple. ”

There was silence in the car… Were my kids thinking about what i said or just too sleepy to argue with me?

I will not know because a minute later I dropped them off by the school front gate and off they went to their little world…

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