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Goodbye 2011…

It is always interesting to look back, think, learn and move on.

2011 was a good blogging year for me;

It taught me to be consistent, to be creative, to ask questions, to observe, to share thoughts, feelings, good stuff…

To be mesmerized by beauty

To love my city (Beirut)

To create an Christmas elf and teach one or two things about Christmas…

To cook, write and share my good recipes

To ask questions about Happiness and write my steps to “Happyness”...

My blog has reached 33,000 views this year! An incredible number which I still cannot grasp!  so Thank YOU readers! It is amazing to reach people by merely sharing my thoughts, ideas, snapshots of my life…

2012 is a new year with new promises…

Writing is something I do because I enjoy doing it. I like juggling with words and thoughts. I also like when my words reach people. It is a wonderful feeling. While blogging weekly is fun and quick, my next challenge is going to be writing a story. With characters. With a plot. With a context. With a message. Hopefully that will be achieved in 2012 (although writing a GOOD story should and must take longer than a year)…

Nevertheless, leelouzworld will continue as usual, with new topics, new ideas and inspirations.

Have a sweet end to 2011 and an inspiring 2012!




2 thoughts on “Goodbye 2011…

  1. Enjoyed reading everything you wrote about, Leelou, enjoyed making your recipes, your craft ideas with my kids, and remembering how happiness can be easily achieved.

    Knowing you in person, was the icing on the cake…….. 🙂

    Good luck with all of your projects, I am waiting impatiently for your book……yalla, go for it!

    Wishing you and your lovely family a great 2012, may all your dreams come true.
    Gros bisous cherie

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