resolutions & how I am going to keep them

Amazing how new beginnings make you want to do something NEW.

Why is that? Why do we need to turn a date for something to start? We limit ourselves by doing this. Time becomes an excuse for not DOING. Maybe it is a luxury problem to have resolutions, to try to keep them up, to write posts about them, to read suggestions from internet gurus or Oprah. Nevertheless, as a human being, directions are important to our lives, as well as dreams. Even unreachable pictures of what we want to be or look like help us to keep walking, moving, changing, building, LIVING.

I see it as kind of a restless state. As if we cannot sit still and watch everyone around us move. As if being active, creative,  wild, daring,  loving, perfect will define who we are, will give us an identity that permits us to accept our existence and being.

It is also about comparing ourselves to others and wanting what they might have (and they want what you have, ironic, isn’t it?).

Resolutions are a constant search for something else.

– for Happiness perhaps?

– for attention, recognition, and LOVE?

– for Existence and Identity?

– for Belonging?

As I am writing these words, it occurs to me that my writing brings me all the above. Happiness, Attention (thank you readers), sense of existence (Leelouzworld exists somewhere in cyberspace), belonging to a funny cyber crowd but also to the eclectic world of Writers (although i am far from seeing myself as one, but definitely in the making).

My identity is defining itself by writing. Million pieces of me gather on paper and emerge as the voice of Leelou. This is quite an achievement for me.  A step towards creating and building a constant entity.

Lets return to resolutions and their making;

Resolutions are often vague, unrealistic and numerous. We therefore need to make them realistic, reachable, limited by time and mostly challenging and interesting (or else who would want to do them?).

First step is listing the resolutions, and placing them into categories. For example life style, family, career, hobby, health, friendship and so on.

Then it would be interesting to chose a time frame for each. We cannot start everything at once. Why don’t we chose 1 or 2 resolutions from the list and focus on them only for the next 3 months. The year is long enough for other resolutions to deal with.

Third, the resolution needs to be cut up into baby steps. That is the main key of it all. Most people tend to forget their resolutions because they are overwhelming, difficult to put into reality, and they are much to general. Baby steps.

Fourth, write down the resolution somewhere you will see it EVERY DAY! Brain washing is a great tool for the mind to keep focused. Print it out, in large font, and stick it on the wall in the bedroom, or the fridge, or even in your wallet.

Fifth, chose a friend to be your “coach”, your motivator, your help, your support. someone reliable, someone that will pull you up when you are not in the mood.

Last, good luck.. I will be doing all of the above with at least 2 resolutions. Will keep you posted!

focus on the essential!

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