random thoughts

feelings & order

Yesterday was a day where i had to keep my mind busy in order to control my feelings. I was sad, because my grandmother of 94 was laying in the hospital with tubes feeding her, as she has arrived to a point where food is refused by her body. Being far away is hard. The idea of not being able to see her one more time is also very hard.

Nevertheless, in order not to be submerged by feelings all day long (can’t be crying ALL the time), i started cleaning up my cupboards, my sweaters, kids school papers and drawings (and oh how many there were)… I kept busy for hours, throwing away, decluttering, organising… At least i was being productive. Meanwhile my mind was wishing my grandmother peace.

Later that day, my sweet husband called to check on me, he laughed when i told him that i was re-organising my cupboards! he told me just to repeat the task until i was drained and not thinking anymore… and even suggested to re-do the same cupboards!

Joke aside, it is interesting to see what we do when we are upset. Some of us get a chocolate overdose, some smoke a pack, some like me get into cleaning frenzy. Actually a brisk walk by the sea is also a nice thing to do when upset.

what do you do when you are upset?


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