{Sara Says}

Sara, from her toilet seat:

What does the tooth fairy do with all our teeth? She must have thousands of them.

Where does she put them? How does she transform them into toys and money? Does she have a special machine?

Me: {Good question}… hmm….

pic from {almeda pediatric dentistry}

2 thoughts on “{Sara Says}

  1. The danish singer Kaya Bruel have written a book about exactly that!!
    What happens to all the teeth???
    Its about a little girl that meets ” Thea the tooth fairy” from mælketanderup(Milktoothville) who takes her to the fairy island to see how all toothfairies have build a entire city out of all the teeth placed under the pillow by all the kids in the world…and….more to know when you read the book…maybe you can read it when you get to Denmark the next time, get your hands on it at the library, and enjoy on a nice summerday:) in Denmark:)

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