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{Leila Says}

Conversations that lead to more thinking are great moments in my life. Few days ago, enjoying my time with my cousin, we were talking about freedom. What is freedom. When was it that we felt it? What were the circumstances?

Being a mother of two does take a toll on Freedom. Because being a mother means you are responsible, reasonable, wise, strategic, a good planner, a rescuer and many other important things. Again all of these values are wonderful and basic, but they tend to take away the “fresh air” the spontanity, the feeling of being a free bird, a mind that can do, think and act without restraints. Maybe becoming a mother is also part of growing up? It definitely makes you less selfish, to the point that it can ruin your self worth if life becomes unbalanced.

In order not to forget who we were before becoming mothers, I think it is important to remember what made us happy, how we felt, what we did, and try to include this feeling in our current life.

I went on a girl trip last year with 3 of my oldest friends. We went 4 days to Athens. What a feeling it was just getting on board that plane, alone, and having 4 days to be a girl again, living moments with special friends, strolling down the streets, stopping at a cafe and having a latte or a sip of wine. I felt free and it felt good.

Mind you, It took some time to get used to this bubble of fresh air.. my mind constantly hovering back to my family and mentally following their schedule. My return to normality was smooth and the memories of those 4 days haunted me for a very long time.

I guess it is up to me to create bobbles of fresh air in my daily life, by adding spontaneity, doing things differently, saying things in a different way, meeting new people, engaging new hobbies…

The sky is the limit…

a moment of pure freshness...

One thought on “{Leila Says}

  1. I realized that in order to find the perfect balance I needed not to loose MYSELF along the way! Keeping in mind, that what made us happy before becoming mothers may have changed, we need to keep nurturing ourselves as well. I do give myself those getaways or times where I can say ‘my job is done for today, this is me time now’ and also as you say engaging in new hobbies….And only that way am I able to give 100% as a mom….or at least I try. Selfish as it may seem to some, but I do. Always keep in mind, what my kids think, if they are okay, than IT IS okay! If they feel unhappy at a given time, then I have gone too far…..I always get my clue from them.
    You are doing amazingly well, my dear Leelou, juggling all………that is freedom….keep it up…..just look at your beautiful self in this photo!

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