Copenhagen delights {January}

A little trip to cold Denmark was part of an unexpected agenda last week. My 94-year-old grandmother was getting quite ill, and I needed to spend some quality time with her..  I am so happy that I did the trip. It is worth a thousand words.. Ingrid has a special place in my heart and I really wish for everyone to have a close relationship to their grandparents.. it can be so loving, comforting, easy and just lovely…

Anyway these are some snapshots of the trip.. minus 10 degrees and snowy…cold but dreamy..

oh the lovely flowers...
a bit of snow...


94-year-old woman...with the spirit of a 24-year-old woman

4 thoughts on “Copenhagen delights {January}

  1. So happy for u Leila , spending time with grandparents is so precious ; i was so attached to my gramma too , she died the day i went to Canada to deliver Selim , every single day i mention her name , recall the lessons she used to teach me , she was a wise woman , she meant and means a lot to me , the day she passed away she was sleeping in her bed with her hair and nails done ( i will never forget that image ) , she used to tell me that the most important thing in life is the spirit , and that it never dies , so true her spirit didn’t die , she’s everywhere . Have a nice day.xoxo

    1. Myrna, what you wrote is so beautiful. We are lucky to have had such people in our life. Precious moment and precious people.. and yes, they are everywhere.. kisses to you and your family.

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