step to happiness {5 thank u}

Happiness is homemade, is about forgiveness, about letting go, about moving forward, about simplicity.

And happiness can also be “created” by a simple tool, that I have tried myself for the last few weeks.

It is about saying thank you. About being appreciative.

About seeing what we have and realizing that we have it and being happy that we have it.

I read somewhere that saying 5 thanks a day could make you happy.

If it does not make you the happiest person, it certainly helps you in the right direction and opens up a positive approach to everyday life.

This morning I said thank you to my soft and warm bed.

I said thank you to hearing kids giggling  in the next room.

I said thank you that it was Sunday and that we didn’t have to rush out of the house.

I said thank you for not having caught the flu this season.

I said thank you because my husband is an adorable person…

What are you thankful for?


6 thoughts on “step to happiness {5 thank u}

  1. There is much am thankful for mostly good health so far 🙂 and am blessed with wonderful cousins whom am thankful for everyday
    YOU constantly bring smiles to my face
    Love u

  2. well actually today i was thankful for a nice lovely sunny day again after long grey rainy ones…for a nice relaxed morning coffee with dear old friends…for a nice quiet walk behind the sea…simple things in life! and for you reminding me how grateful i should b for other more serious things;) kisses sunny girl!

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