my balcony

This is what I was doing this Sunday morning….

{mint, wild thyme and regular thyme}

Re-potting some herbs, and hopefully by spring, my wall will look all gorgeous, green and flowery!


8 thoughts on “my balcony

  1. YAY! we want spring to come, instant spring is what I dream of these days:) Your balcony looks great… ikea-great;) I hope it will make you wishes come true!
    Today my balcony got a new look too…bought paint and brushes ect. the other day and today it had a makeover. Now its soft rose coloured, offwhite/pink…to go with the rattansofa and the english rose patterns of the pillows and also matching all of Sarahs girly stuff …without going all PINK…lol
    Sarah and I had a blast with music, tea and paintstains:)
    Tomorrow all I got to do is remove the tape, the ladder and the plasting coverings and voila: let the sun shine please:)

  2. beautiful… they are lovely your pots…but how did u hang them… are the pots in plastic? the pot for the mint is very small… u should plant the mint in a rectangural long pot….. When I will come to Beirut we will speak about it….. R$ym will be in Beirut probably on wensday or saturday……ciao cara……

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