My Beirut {The concept of MAN’OUCHEH}

One has to taste and smell a man’oucheh before understanding the concept. You cannot explain in words why so many people (mostly lebanese!) adore their man’oucheh.  You must experience the act of buying it at the local “fern” (oven/bakery), smell, see and watch it being done, and then eat it on the spot!

A cheap meal (between $1-$2 !), fast (takes minutes to make) and very filling (go a whole day without food after eating one of those!), available at every street corner in Beirut!

Its main ingredients are bread dough, olive oil, yellow cheese and/or loads of thyme and sesame seeds.

Recently on ARTE  TV a french documentary called Prochain Arret Beyrouth showed a culinary experience on Lebanese territory, where a well known man’oucheh place on Badaro street in Beirut was filmed making his delicious manouch.

Having lived in Europe for 15 years, I always craved for the smell and taste of a warm man’ousheh, and have yet not discovered any place outside Lebanon that can top the quality of our own.

Meaning of man’oucheh: or mankousheh in arabic.. the effect of working the thymes into the dough before cooking it.

Inspired to make your own? several recipes are found on the web, this one seems on the right track. 

For more inspiration get the book by Barbara Abdeni Massad:

Or just come to Lebanon and have one of your own!!

Good morning everyone!

8 thoughts on “My Beirut {The concept of MAN’OUCHEH}

    • haha! this is so funny! i lived 15 years in denmark and i always missed my man’oucheh! living in lebanon has many pro’s and con’s!! still not sure which list is the longest! (material for another post?)

  1. My favorite memory of Beirut is sitting on the Corniche eating a cheese man’oucheh with my best friends in this world. I miss your city, thanks for the wonderful post.

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