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READ {Sumo, which could not grow}

If there is one book that you should read this month, I suggest this one. I read it in french but the book is translated into english, italian, german (and many more) as well.

I found it as an audio book, and thought why not, first time for everything in life. While waiting to pick up my kids from school (i need to park at least 45 minutes before time to get a parking place!), I started listening to this wonderfully simply but poetic and lovely book. It was even read by its author which i believe must have added some oomph to the text.

The story is about a young feeble boy in his teens, who left his parents and lives selling bizarre toys on a sidewalk in Tokyo. A sumo passes by everyday and looks at him, and repeatedly tells Jun : ” I see a large man in you”.

I will not disclose the story here, but simply ask you to read it. The story gives you a subtle introduction to Buddhism and their detached philosophy of life. Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt is a french author-philosopher who firstly became known as a scriptwriter for plays. His plays are shown in more than 35 coutnries. His many books treat about world religions like Buddhism and Christianity in a very subtle, simple, poetic and fresh way.

Listening to the audio book was truly a revelation, in both the experience of listening to a story (I read a story every night to my kids, so I guess being read to is going to be a new found pleasure), and discovering Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt’s world.

Few titles to explore are:

Oscar et la dame rose – Oscar and the lady in pink

Monsieur Ibrahim et les fleurs du Coran – Mr Ibrahim and the flowers of the Coran

L’enfant de Noé..

One of the sentences that caught my mind and which i have started quoting is:

“si ce que tu dis n’est pas plus beau que le silence, alors tais-toi” – ” if what you are saying is not more beautiful than silence, then shut up”

I leave you to discover the rest…


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