growing old or growing up?

{illustration by jennifer zetts - etsy}


I think this illustration says it all!

I also would like to add a personal note:

I have mixed feelings towards growing up (not towards growing old! Old people impress me, i look at them and think; wow, what life they must have lived, people they must have encountered, love they must have felt, sadness they must have gone through… so much bottled up behind the lines of their face..).

No, growing old doesn’t frighten me, it gives me strength. But growing up is a mystery for me. when do you grow up? when you become a parent? when you graduate? when you get your driving license and drive a car by yourself? when you buy a house from your own money? when you get your first pay check?

I believe that we never really grow up.. we just learn to cope with all those responsibilities, with the speedy cadence of life, with the requirements of our job, with the “learning by doing” of being a parent.

There is one point though that makes me feel “grown up”, and that is when i stand for myself, when i dare say the truth to someone without being scared of their response or their lack of liking me. I feel grown up when i don’t need a nother persons approval, when i take a decision and live it through.

Despite the grown up feeling, the kid inside me is laughing at silly jokes, playing with the dog around the house, discovering the world with amazement, playing with snow and wanting a hug at odd times…

Hopefully growing up doesn’t have an end. It should be unlimited and never-ending…




7 thoughts on “growing old or growing up?

  1. Yeah Leelou, indeed, what a good question! When do we actually grow up? I believe it is a never ending process…..whenever you get somewhere, you realize there is still more to go! But ain’t it a great journey??

  2. i agree with you Leila to me growing up is being more in tune with your true self….no peer group pressure no quick action-reaction thing….the only annoying thing is that since it s more serene it s also bit more….boring somehow :):) ie less action…as to growing old…no clue….my parents r 80 n hamdella i feel they r still on the go still curious still wanting to do things…so my personal lesson is growing old is stoping being interested in life n in simple pleasures…so i guess some do age faster than they should! cheers to Peter Pan:)

    1. how wonderful that your parents are not “old”! that is the true spirit. and spontaneity should be part of our life no matter the age group.. so vive peter pan!

  3. yes Leila u did grow up… u are strong..good.. positive….lovely person… u know how to give love….and it show when u said : and that is when I stand for myself…………. ect.. ecct.. I love u…..

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