happiness to all moms

Today the streets of Beirut are filled with flowers ! Huge Hortensia on each sidewalk. Pure delight for the eyes. The city is celebrating MOTHER’s DAY!…

A day where spending quality time with our moms could be the best gift to give her… Because truly, how can you say thank you for a mother’s life work? A mother starts being a mother long before the birth of her child, even before she conceives him or her. When she is ready to give love to a little creature, when she is ready to hold a baby in her arms, when she fantasizes about him or her, she is already becoming a mom. During 9 months she is taking care of herself, of the growing life in her, she is feeling discomfort, nausea, pain, sudden dizziness, excess hormone imbalance, food cravings, sleepless nights… and then the baby is born… then for years she will be feeding , soothing , caring , talking , singing , dressing , teaching , guiding, listening, explaining, studying, cleaning, educating, worrying, and the list is endless..

So THANK YOU mom for all of it…And I wish you only health and smiles…



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