the world of chocolate

It is no secret, I adore chocolate.. I have a genuine love affair with it and it is not getting boring with age. Especially when my sweet husband brings me my favourite fresh and mouthwatering hand-picked pieces from Leonidas (Manon Blanc & Manon cafe), nearly each time he travels to Brussels (which is becoming more and more often, to the delight of my children, but to my deepest frustration, as i am finding it utterly impossible to turn down the pieces laying in their pretty white and golden box).

Manon Blanc & Manon Cafe

Nevertheless, we all have one or two soft points, and better be chocolate than something else!

As spring is on its way and the ice-cream season as well, a good recipe for home made chocolate ice-cream can become very handy; this one caught my attention (from the great blogger; a cup of Jo) and will be my next project in the kitchen! It looks wicked and devilish!

{a cup of jo}

And for those living in Lebanon, I am discovering a chocolate brand called M de NOIR, made by a Lebanese women called Maya Maalouf Kanaan, who learned the “savoir-fare” from the prestigious school of Ritz Escoffier and Valrhona.

She is going to be my next visit (her atelier is outside Beirut), and her products can be seen (and ordered) by joining her facebook group, which is a delight to follow. The Easter bunnies are her latest creations!

Easter bunnies by {M de Noir}


Happy chocolate hunting…



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