random thoughts

recurrent dreams…

by Emilie St Clair

Isn’t it annoying when you wake up in the morning with yet another of those weird recurrent dreams? AS if the mind is telling you something very crucial and you are simply not getting it!

I have several dreams/nightmares that keep haunting my sleep, some of them have been with me for the last 2o years! I must be very stubborn or missing the point or else the dream would not keep sneaking on me.

Last night was the University one. I am always late for class. Always forgetting my books. Lost in the hallways. Asking around which classroom I should have been in, find out that the class started long time ago, skip class because of my fear of barging into a place and being late.. Stupid fears actually, but they are so vivid in the dreams..Nevertheless, last night the dream was a bit different; i was explaining to other students why i wanted to study again, after 10 years of work experience. But still frustrated because I am not able to remember what i am studying for…

I finally took the courage to research the meaning of this awkward dream. Seems it is very common. Missing classes refers to missing some important information during our days that keeps us from learning and advancing. Hmm.. with the overload of information these days, i am going to find it hard to pinpoint what keeps me from advancing.

Dreams can be a myriad of impressions stacked up during the day, like little birds flying in the sky, they just need to be dealt with by our brain, placed into a drawer and moving on.

Recurrent dreams are telling you something. They key is to understand WHAT and to solve it. Or the dream keeps coming back at you!

Do you have recurrent dreams? what do you think it means?

4 thoughts on “recurrent dreams…

  1. Leelou, what if you never ever dream? Or rather, never remember that you ever dreamed?? Isn’t that strange?
    I would find it a burden if I had to explain my dreams and figure out the messages behind each one. Life in itself is not easy as it is trying to make sense of everything to have to deal with dreams occurring during the few hours you try to rest your body and renew your energy….so maybe I am blessed I do not dream or do not remember that I did??

    • everybody dreams.. but the trick is to make your mind remember them, or not…
      i have had those vivid ones since my childhood.. and it ain’t always funny.. but this is how my mind works… yours is able to disconnect in someway. that is fine too!!!
      happy dreams my friend !! night or day!!! 🙂

  2. When I was a kid I had a recurring dream of a white horse standing in my way in the corridor. At some point that dream just stopped. Never wondered what it had meant and why it stopped. I think dreams are something really interesting if you could indeed “translate” them.

    I had such a nasty dream last night, fortunately not recurring!! Woke up at about 4h because of it. I was in a hospital. There were doors, everything was green, kind of that freaky hospital green. And above the doors were written nasty stuff like “Suicides”, “Car accidents”, that kind. And this nurse came up to me and asked me where I needed to be. And even in the dream I was kind of freaked out, I told her “I am not in the right place, I have to go to the dentist”. Which is when I woke up. Might mean it’s time to make an appointment with the dentist. I try to keep it simple 😉

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